Find Me Here at High Point Market Spring 2024!

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IHFC-Floor 2

Sunday, April 14:
4:30 pm

Kalco Lighting

Sunday, April 14:
11:30 am

Fairfield Chair

Moderator: John McClain of John McClain Design

Speakers: Glenna Stone Glenna Stone Interior Design, Jeanne Chung of Cozy Stylish Chic, and Mike Yates of Yates Desygn

Saturday April 14:
4 pm
Universal Furniture Learning Center

101 S. Hamilton St.

101 S. Hamilton St.

200 N. Hamilton St.

Sunday, April 14:
10 am

Hooker Furniture

Feeling Blue? Or Green? Or something in between? Color and light can have a profound impact on the inhabitants of a space and require thoughtful consideration during the design process. Learn why certain colors trend at different times and how to assess client preferences. We'll also cover how to use color and light to bolster a client's well-being and the functionality of the home, and how light can enhance or diminish a color's effectiveness. 1 CEU

Learn the art of gauging success in procurement initiatives, exploring a spectrum of key performance indicators and metrics that provide a holistic perspective on their impact. Whether you're a seasoned professional or navigating the procurement landscape for the first time, this panel moderated by John McClain and featuring panelists Glenna Stone, Jeanne Chung, and Mike Yates, will provide knowledge and actionable takeaways on optimizing workflows, and securing unparalleled value for goods and services that align with your budget. Join us to revolutionize your approach to sourcing and procurement in the interior design and manufacturing sectors, charting a course toward success in your projects. Don't miss this opportunity to reshape your procurement strategies and set a new standard for excellence in the industry.

Join us for a panel discussion to discover how you can create new revenue streams for your design business by harnessing technology. From AI to innovative design packages, this conversation will leave you inspired to take proactive steps in your business.

Featuring a panel of design experts including Jenna Gaidusek, the Founder of AI for Interior Designers, John McClain, the CEO/Creative Director of John McClain Design, and Nile Johnson, the Design Principal of Nile Johnson Interior Design.

Selling can be hard, so why make it harder? In this session, John will teach you how to easily upsell to your existing clients simply by adding on services and products they might not even know they need (and you might not have thought about either). You will leave this session armed with the exact framework to add new substantial revenue streams to your business without having to source new clients. Now, would you like fries with that?